Project status

At the current moment, the project is under heavy development, and the architecture described in the overview is not covered completely by the deployed devnet. Below we have listed features that were already rolled out:

+ Real-time processing layer: real-time clusters with built-in BFT consensus (Tendermint)
+ Secure metadata storage: real-time clusters state (Ethereum)
+ Arbitrary code execution: WebAssembly VM (Asmble)
+ SDK: frontend (JavaScript) and backend (Rust)

Features that have not been released yet:
Batch validation layer: tx history verification
Secure metadata storage: batch validation state, security deposits
Dispute resolution layer: verification game
Data availability layer: Swarm storage for tx history

We tentatively plan to let developers ingest Ethereum transactions, as well as data stored in Swarm/IPFS into Fluence to create decentralized query interfaces. We also plan that other languages such as C++ or JavaScript will be supported for backend development at some point.