Join Fluence Labs

At Fluence Labs, we are working on new decentralized network protocols to make the internet more open and secure. We believe that open source and open protocols enable better technology for the future of humanity.

Fluence Labs is a distributed team of engineers residing in New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Krasnodar. Our culture is remote-first, self-managed, and we value transparent decision making and an open source ethos.

Our primary project is Fluence, an open application platform, where apps can build on each other, share data and users. Fluence is powered by a decentralized computing protocol that enables applications to evolve quickly with composability and monetize by licensing even low-level components. Fluence serves as an open runtime for internet applications; the new alternative to proprietary platforms, and APIs.

Open Roles

We are looking for new great additions to the Fluence Labs core team. We would like to speak to people who are interested in decentralized technology, empathetic, humble, passionate about their work, and strive for excellence. We expect that candidates are experts in their field, keep up to date with recent developments, and are excellent communicators, both in oral and written form.

Location: Remote

Commitment: Full-time

Distributed Systems Engineer

We are looking for an experienced engineer for building the reference implementation of the Fluence computing protocol. You will be responsible for building and deploying a fault-tolerant network of nodes powered by cryptographic proofs and distributed data structures. We use Rust as the primary language and we run it with Webassembly both on server and in browser.

Compiler Engineer

We are looking for an engineer to work on Aquamarine, a distributed choreography language & platform. You will join the team working on different areas: an intermediary representation based on pi-calculus, a high-level scripting language, and a WebAssembly-based runtime used to compile the language. We expect knowledge of Rust or alternatively but less preferred C++, experience with compilers or virtual machines.

Blockchain Engineer

The Fluence blockchain is an essential part of the project. The blockchain serves as a global medium that stores application configurations and dependencies, controls access rights against licenses issued by authors, and facilitates payments. We are looking for a seasoned engineer, expert in distributed systems, with previous experience of building and deploying blockchains.

Developer Evangelist

No new technology grows without education and evangelism. We are looking for a developer evangelist: communicator, spokesperson, passionate leader of the Fluence developer community. With a software engineering background, your mission now is to educate and engage with developers. At Fluence Labs, you will be speaking to the community, producing content, creating demo apps, tutorials, documentation, and sharing, sharing, sharing.

UI/UX designer

We believe that in 2020 even low-level internet protocols need clear visual communication and easy-to-use tooling. We are looking for a UI/UX designer who understands developers and is interested to build new Web interfaces to empower their capabilities. Fluence will have plenty of Web products: network explorer, node management panels, visual editors, wallets, etc. With a software engineering background, you are now skilled in visual language and style, fluent with Figma and Sketch. We are inviting you to join and establish the visual style for all Fluence Web products.


If you are interested in any of the positions above, reach out to us at [email protected]. Please include your CV and links to your previous projects or other work you created.

If you share our vision and values and would like to be involved but haven’t found an appropriate position above, reach out as well and let’s explore how we can work together.