Web 3 native computing

Fluence is a decentralized serverless computing platform
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Forget cloud lock-in

Fluence provides an open-source, permissionless, decentralized platform and a development toolkit for building, hosting, and running peer-to-peer applications and protocols

Build Web 3 protocols
with a few lines of code

Develop peer-to-peer software
without reliance on proprietary cloud services

censorship resistant apps

Deploy applications freely to the Fluence network which has no central admin or coordinator

dao-managed applications

Off-chain code follows the on-chain DAO decisions; host them on Fluence with your community

data sharing protocols

Design data pinning, load balancing, and replication protocols with Fluence

serverless platforms

Build and provide scalable cloud services without vendor lock in

blockchain oracles

Design systems that collect, verify, and post data on-chain with Fluence

multi-party computations

Easily roll up network algorithms involving multiple peers, servers, API providers

nft platforms

Bring decentralized indexing, search, retrieval, caching to the NFT metadata

decentralized exchanges

Add off-chain order books to on-chain DEX and save on gas with p2p signature collection

Deploy to a
decentralized network

Fluence network executes applications without a single coordination center, eliminating potential failure and censorship
Marketplace dynamics

Nodes run only applications they are interested in or that are commercially viable

Higher reliability

Computations are secured with cryptography no data leaks to untrusted peers

Flexibility and scale

Network serves a diverse set of computing providers, hardware, and available services

Ship faster with community

Leverage power of Web 3 by connecting decentralized storage, identity, and on-chain smart contracts to your Fluence application
Empower every user

Make full-featured apps with community-built integrations to Web 3 networks

Build and publish

Create a new integration or useful API and share with the community

Earn from usage Coming in Phase 3

Get rewarded when other applications use your components

Use Fluence

DApp founders

Replace cloud backends with decentralized off-chain code on Fluence

Software developers

Create more secure distributed backends with lower effort, compose among teams and infrastructure


Deploy, test, and easily update distributed systems and network algorithms

Compute providers

Access new revenue streams by providing compute and hosting services

Open source maintainers

Provide your open source project as a service and earn from its usage

Web 3 protocols

Connect, interoperate with other protocols without single point of failure

Join the community

Get involved in conversation, ask questions, and see what others are talking about


Fluence is designed to be the open source, community-managed, and self-sustaining protocol
Phase 1
Early 2021

Create p2p applications and protocols using Aqua

Phase 2

Govern Fluence via the DAO, vote for protocol updates and treasury allocations

Phase 3

Contribute and earn value by running nodes and creating code

Phase 4
Internet of protocols

Build new p2p experiences by composing self-sustaining protocols