Fluence uses peer-to-peer technology to power a permissionless distributed cloud for databases and web applications.

Build always-on applications

Global interactive applications require significant efforts to provide the best experiences for geo-distributed users. A large amount of engineering work is necessary to create and maintain the infrastructure capable of providing high availability and low latency for every user.

Fluence provides the software layer that eliminates the burden of managing and configuring the distributed infrastructure. Fluence organizes a peer-to-peer network into a global, self-healing cloud that tolerates downtime, hardware failures, and emergency network conditions.

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Zero downtime

Avoid planned and unplanned downtime, eliminate maintenance windows and surprise outages.

Seamless recovery

Zero human work required for backups and recovery. Easy rolling out to the required version from distributed backups.

Global consistency

Your data is never lost or inconsistent. Shard consensus eliminates data correctness conflicts for each database or application.

Run on Fluence

Cloud services
Cloud services

Globally accessible uncensorable databases, analytics, APIs, and other services might be spun on and provided using Fluence.


Building DEX or crypto game is easier with using familiar databases and has less limitations than blockchains usually require.

Global applications
Global applications

Provide best experience for geo-distributed users with a consistent application and database state over required locations.

Serverless applications
Serverless applications

Get the freedom of serverless platforms by focusing on the application itself instead of writing the supporting infrastructural code.

The Fluence devnet is now live!

The Fluence protocol is a work in progress, but you can already check out the alfa release which provides Redis (NoSQL) and LlamaDB (SQL) databases.

  • Instantly deploy Redis, LlamaDB, and pre-built applications into the trustless environment
  • Create your custom application using Rust, C++, or AssemblyScript SDKs
  • Launch your own Fluence nodes

Supported modules

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"Blockchain-based database provider Fluence today announced it is using the blockchain to create a decentralized data organization layer, with the ultimate goal of building a decentralized internet."

"Blockchain projects today should focus on one single purpose: to build a service for people. Building more platforms and trying to fit blockchain-based solutions into isolated cases ..."

"As industries like healthcare become digitized, a question arises: who owns the patient’s data, who has the right to store, transfer or grant access to it?"